Classic Kristen, its been such a long time since I last updated… It has been an incredibly exciting and busy couple of months. One project, I cant talk about yet, but as soon as I’m given the green light, I will be sure to fill you all in!


The second, is a NATIONAL TV COMMERCIAL I shot recently for clothing company, Dia & Co. It has been airing all over the country on various channels, and I am so excited. This is my first project with national exposure. The shoot itself was so fun, and I had such a blast on set. Fun fact: The reason I knew it had aired, is because I was on a plane heading to Houston for one of mt best friends weddings, and JetBlue plays regular TV, so while watching a cooking show, I heard my voice and realised it was me on the screen. It was such an incredible moment for me, and I was so happy to finally see a little bit of my hard work pay off. It has pushed me even harder to create more of those moments for myself, and to keep chasing my dream.


For those of you who havent seen it, you can see the full commercial here:

As soon as I can update you on whats coming up, I will be sure to share the news, but in the mean time, stay positive and keep chasing your dreams, whatever they may be!


Kristen x

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