Hi Guys,

I have never been more excited to announce anything…. I was just in Virginia working with the extremely talented Austin Bello to finish up recording the last few songs for my DEBUT album, that I will be releasing before the end of the year. I have waited years to be able to announce something like this, but I am beyond excited to say that the moment has come.

As a singer, it took me so long to find my voice and find where I belong vocally. As I went through love and loss, I developed a need to write my feelings out – to play piano and sing through my pain and heartache. And through that journey, my love of songwriting was born.  I have definitely gotten more confident in writing songs and being open to share them… Im still in the stages of naming the album and putting the track list order together, but I know Summer 2019 I will have a physical album that documents my journey of heartache, love, loss and self discovery throughout the past few years.

I cant wait to share it with you all and finally get my music out there!



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