“FIND ME LOST” – Debut album available here.

Kristen Plati is an up and coming Pop/Soul singer/songwriter, model and actress. Her songs have been described as a personal journey of pain and self-discovery through the ups and downs of love, and being a 20-something in New York City. The vibrant New York City life has not been lost on Kristen, who’s unique voice and soulful sound have been shaped by the experiences she’s had there.

Kristen started singing lessons at 5 years old and to this day continues to sing and share her passion for music and performing with those around her. Kristen has starred in several Off-Broadway plays and was most recently starring in the Bravo TV Show “Your Husband Is Cheating On Us”.


  • 2016

    Milestone 1

  • 2017

    Milestone 2


  • 2018

    Milestone 3

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